A neat little trick I use


TS2010 User
As a Rail fan and Foamer, there is nothing I like more than watching a heavy train climbing a long heavy grade, that is to hear the massive sound of multiple locos on Run 8 and lots of exhaust gases, and the locos on there knees at 12 mph, to me there is nothing sweeter, (perhaps there is but we won't go there).

Now in Trainz this maybe possible with trains in Cab mode (I don't know I don't use cab mode), but it is not possible for AI trains in there standard configuration. So here is a little trick I use to acheive this effect. Well it involves a bit of scripting but it is doable. I'll set it out in steps.

Step 1. Use pguys SetSpeedProfile assest kuid2<61392:7003:19> and 6003:19> to set the speeds on the grade, This Command and Trigger allows you to set 10 different speeds depending on the profile you have set on the train. So I set the 10 speeds for trains weighing 4,000 tons to 13,000 tons, and I use Al Krugs Rail Forces calculator http://www.alkrug.vcn.com/home.html to work out the speed of the trains at each point of the grade for the weight of the train. You have to do this because it is impossible to set up AI locos engine file accurately to achieve this.

So now we have a train that will climb a grade at an easy set specific speed.

Step 2. I have a Driver Command that sets the Loco's to "full power" this full power is using a loco script to turn on a sound file of the engine at full power and to turn more smoke for the exhaust gas, I also turn on the fans in the locos for more cooling.

Step 3. Place a trackmark at the bottom of the grade so when the train passes the trackmark it turns on the "Fullpower" mode, and one at the top of the grade to turn it off.

Result is now we have a AI train climbing a grade with the Loco's sounding like they are on Run 8, at a slow speed and losts of exhaust gases, I just love it.

Also my second favorite thing Railfaning and foaming is trains going down grade with the Dynamic brakes screaming and whining, I love that sound.

I use this exact same principle for creating the Dynamic brake sound going down grade. Turn on the Dynamic sound and turn on more fans to get rid of the big heat build up from Dynamic brakes. I just love that sound Dynamics whining.

Hope you find this interesting


Another trick is to find an engine spec (kilanzioms locos fit the bill) (also the mac 2000's) that rev a lot. Alter the max accel to suit the age of the loco, find a sound that you like.
You now have the lead locos+helpers slugging their guts out with up to 11000 tons on an average 2%+ grade for 10 miles+.
WM B+O mega route by jrfolco. 17 mile hill and cranberry hill. You just make sure the helpers are there when they are needed or they will stall guaranteed.