Emit Train Error


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I keep getting this error when trying to use JRs emit train now.

I also only get part of the train when it comes out of the portal.
Is this the same one available on the site? it appears to be the very old version of this utility and it can time out on a very large rolling stock database.
Yes it is the new version I downloaded it when you announced it and the JR Set FX. And by large database do you mean the length of the train or the number of saved consists?
it cant be the new version because that new train button has been gone for a few years. access to the emit train window is through the interface add on like where you reach quick drive.

latest version is Emit Train Now,<kuid2:45324:600003:1>
Something must be wrong then. When I download it from the website I get this <kuid2:117746:990:4>?
Hi Justin,

I finally gave it a go and below is the error I get.

2) Next screenshot is of the portal properties


3) Next screenshot taken in 'driver' mode. Shows 'Emit train now' rule button on the top right below "Quickdrive"


4) Next screenshot shows the error


5) Next 2 show the error details


Do let me know as I usually run my layouts with this rule.
Thanks in advance..

Chirag Shah
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I may be wrong here (chances are high...) but back in your first window I would leave both portals unselected so it's not looking to use a certain portal and also you will need to set that trackmark. Setting the trackmark can be anything, but it has to be done for it to work correctly. The way I use it is to just set the trackmark and then I can choose whatever portal I want it to come out of. I would think that the portals would need to be set to produce trains as well. Justin may be a bit slow to reply as I think he will be traveling back to Florida today...

Hope that helps.

"null object at parameter 2" confirms it. there is no trackmark selected. I can make changes to the code to disallow this and produce an appropriate message, but there must be some internal change between service packs to not have caught this problem.
Hey Justin

I know this probably isn't T:ANE compatible, but wanted to let you know that T:ANE throws this error when installed in CE:
Compiling script 'emittrain.gs' for asset <kuid2:45324:600003:1> "Emit Train Now"
- emittrain.gs(198) : 'inherited' not yet called within mandatory function, line 198.
.. while compiling 'emittrain.gs'

Just to let you know what happened
Yeah its not, alot of the scripts arent working which is why we arent fully supporting it till its retail release.