ELS Escanaba to Crivitz (Large Pics)


Canadian National
Well today was one of them days where we figure we go out for a nice ride and check out the fall colors up north around Escanaba and do a lil RR fanning up there...Even though we know the ELS does NOT like RR fans near there stuff but we knew that WC was up there and they don't mind at all....When we got there the first thing we did was head over to the WC yard to see what was going on.
When we got there we seen a DMIR coming from the round house

He then backed down into the yard

We then relized what he was doing and was switching out the ore docks at the other end of the yard

We then left the yard and headed to the ELS yard but on the way we wanted to get this nice shot of the light house that guards the city of Escanaba

When we got to the ELS tracks we got out and walked up to the tracks and looked down the yard...We then took note of the lovely signs all over the place about NO RR FANS

We then figured we could get to see the power in the yard if we went down to the other end...But when we got there...The good ol signs looked us right in the eyes

We then said well nothing was going on here just yet and we heard some horns coming from the WC yard...We then hurried back to the yard and right when we got there the lights came on and the gates came down

But when we got there it was that DMIR flat switching the yard with the empty ore cars

After that has been going on for a few hours or so we then went for a lil ride around town to do some shopping...Seeing only fair thing is if the woman comes along and she has to RR fan...We have to shop to make it fair....After we got all done shopping we then heard some action over at the ELS yard...We then took off to see what was going on and when we got there we seen the ELS #402 hitting the crossing

But then we knew something was up when he backed all the way into the yard

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And shut his lights off

We then went back to the other part of the yard to see what was going on and when we got there the crew got off and headed out for lunch...And thats what we did to.

After lunch we then went back to the ELS yard knowing that the train will be leaving any time soon here....When we got back the crew came back as well and climbed aboard its train and away it went

The traing rolling now at a good ol 15MPH the train makes its way west out of town and soon onto the tracks of the WC

Hopping off the ELS tracks now and onto the WC the train will now be on WC tracks headed for Pembine...The tracks to the right of the train are the tracks of the WC that leads to the yard

Coming now to the Jct with the CNW at Hermansville we see a CNW train waiting for the ELS to clear the diamond

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With the ELS in the clear...The CNW train stomps over the diamond

At Pembine now we see the train hopping off WC tracks and back onto the tracks of the ELS

At this diamond the only thing that protects it are these 2 stop signs where the ELS has to come to a complete stop before heading over the diamond

With the ELS gone we then see the WC local that works between here and Escanaba

We were wondering why it stopped by the yard office but we then knew what was up after he came out with a piece of paper and walked up to us and asked us if we wanted a cab ride back to Escanaba

I said sure and told the woman to meet me back in Escanaba to pick me up...After I signed the waiver I climbed aboard the train and got to know the crew a lil bit and away we went

Boy what a nice view they had from up here of all the colors

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Coming into the yard at Escanaba we see a switcher and the DMIR in the yard and some other WC power around

After hopping down from the train I took one last shot of this beauty

I then walked over by the sand tower and seen this WC SD45 sitting so I took this shot

And also this shot of the power in the yard

Seeing that it was getting late we then thought it was time to go on home so we both grabbed a soda and went on home

On the way home we heard a horn...We thought wow the ELS sure was going slow...We hurried up some and raced it to the next crossing

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Slowing way down now coming into Crivitz the train is about to make its stop in the yard where it will swap cars with the Marinette local before heading back to Pembine and then onto Escanaba

Passing the power from the Marinette train

When the train came to a halt the crew got out and went into the yard office and I quick ran out of the car and ran up to the tracks and shot this one last shot before going on home

Well that was our trip...Hope you liked it...Next trip will be the ELS ballast train from the Groveland spur...More action coming soon your way....
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lol hard to tell were most of those shots are, sure changed things up a good bit:p
you extended the route or just modifyed it so far?
nice shots Btw :)