Driver Commands not consistant


Prototype Operations Guru
I am experiencing a very frustrating problem. I am using the Couple to Vehicle Front/Behind Signal X command. Some times it works and sometimes I get "Waiting for Access to track beyond Junction X" in the message box.

Background. My scenario is a two part operation.

First - an eastbound train arrives from the West Portal. It stops and sets out some cars and picks up others. It then proceeds to the East Portal.

Second - 10 minutes later, a west bound train arrives from East portal. It stops and sets out some cars and picks up some others.

I created two test scenerios using the same map to perfect the first and second part of this operation. Individually, they work flawlessly. Then I combine them into the same senario. The first part works as tested but when the westbound train arrives and executes the first "Couple to . . ." command, it approaches the switch leading to the track where the cars to be coupled reside, stops and issues the message noted above. It will not proceed, no matter how long I wait. I have change the track configuration, signal locations, changed location of the locomotive where it encounters the command but to no avail.

I am using CPC:Central Portal Control to define the trains and their driver commands and Time Check and a child command of CPC:Emit Train to time the arrival of these trains.

Any suggestions as to what is causing this problem and what will it take to make it work properly?

Just a guess, make sure the consist in the siding is more than 20m from the actual lever position, or else it will block the switch.
All cars are at least 30m from the switch lever.

And the setup used in my part two senario is exactly the one used in the combined senario. The command works in the part two senario but when combined with part one, the command fails. This same command is used in the part one senario and also works fine in the combined senario. It is as though it only works once in a given senario. Does this make any sense?