Drive To Junction rule


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Does anyone know if there is a drive to junction rule anywhere?

Does anyone feel like scripting one? Please. Pretty, pretty please?

AI's getting better but for actual control we seem to need a track-mark on each leg of each junction. Clutters the living heck out of the map.

Drive To Signal? That'd pretty much work instead...

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I am not sure as I do not find a need for it but do not believe that there is such a rule. Usually for a main line working I just use "Navigate to Trackmark", with a "Navigate via Trackmark" when required. Placing a "Trackmark" as required.
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Have a look at driver commands created by author atilabarut. I know he has one which drives past a junction and then stops.

I use the SCS2013 rule which has over 100 driver commands in it including an "Autopilot" command that can stop before, centered across, or after a junction, trackmark, signal or industry and is extremely versatile. If it is programmed into the SCS2013 rule then I would have thought it possible to script a driver command to do this.