Dozens Injured When Downtown Aquarium Trains Collide


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HOUSTON -- Dozens of people were injured when two trains collided at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston Saturday night.The accident happened about 10:30 p.m., officials said.Both trains were on the same track, officials said. However, one was stopped when it was hit by the other train from behind, sending two railcars off the track.Officials said 31 people were injured and 27 of them had to be taken by ambulance to hospitals around the city. Some passengers were treated at the scene.It was unclear how fast the second train was going when it hit the stationary train."We are currently trying to determine exactly what happened during last night's incident, (where) one of the Downtown Aquarium's trains rear-ended another train,” James Hamilton, chief operating officer of the Downtown Aquarium, said in a statement. “Fortunately, it appears there were no serious injuries to passengers on board. There was minimal damage to the trains and the ride will be open (Sunday)."

Yup another rear end collision!
Okay uh, trains don't just crash into each other. Its seems like one train crash after another. And yeah and I agree with the above poster. No one died from this crash.
There's a news video on the link supplied. The trains about 18" gauge amusement park miniatures and the video says they travel at a steady walking pace. They were up and running again the next day.
One of the guys interviewed for the news clip made it sound like it was a runaway when it hit the back of the train which was supposably broken down in the station.

I do have to say it's odd that all these accidents are happening in such quick succession.