downloads from auran for UTC


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if i use download page, then i get a page cannot be diplayed messsage. if i use download via ftp, i get a message saying that the train is missing a hornsound. help!
What exactly are you trying to download? Bear in mind that almost all Trainz rolling stock requires several files to be downloaded and installed, so the horn sound, engine sound, engine spec, bogies, interior etc will all be in different files. This is why using the download helper is so useful, as it (usually) gets all the bits you need.

Why not just buy TC and a first class ticket direct from Auran? It's not expensive for what you get and there is a wider range of material available.

Cheerio John
While I have to agree with John Whelan, there is a free, essential, tool out there to help you locate the missing file if you want to work with UTC for a while.

being Trainz Objectz (commonly called TO).


Note there's no guarantee that items loaded onto the Trainz servers for download are actually all there (after all the download station is a free service thown in by Auran). Often there's an item on some other website needed!