Does JR plan to make electric locomotive?


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I know USA railway is mainly diesel locomotive, but also has some beautiful electric locomotive,eg.Acela Express,ACS-64,HHP-8.I hope JR can make these electric loco in the near future.
ATSF854 has a GF6C in the works. It would be cool if JR did a "Traction Pack" with a few boxcabs and steeple cabs, and an "Interurban Pack" with a few cars, a freight trolley, and maybe 1-2 work cars.
It's funny, most of their Electric locomotives have been in the "Works" for over a year, with no mention whatsoever of a release date.

This would be a major clue that they are A. not done or B. not intended for release.

oh and release dates, just no.
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