Does anyone play trainz on a laptop?


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I have recently ordered a Dell Vostro 1500 and i'm hoping it will run trainz well. I have abit of an idea it might run it ok but would be nice to know for sure.

The important specs for it are:

2GB dual channel RAM
8600M GT 256MB

I've seen it scores around 3300 marks on 3Dmark06, but can be pushed to around 4000 once overclocked.

Anyone else running trainz on a laptop? Be nice to hear your results
I do!

HP Pavilion DV6575US 15.4" Notebook PC (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7300, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, Vista Premium)

I can get about 30fps average in Surveyor and 15fps average in Driver.
I have the HP dv2000 with XP media edition, 120 GB hard drive, AMD Turion 64 dual core processor. How do you find FPS?
I have a Compaq Presario V5000 that runs Trainz quite well. It's a few years older than your Dell too.

2.0Ghz AMD Mobile Sempron
128Mb ATi Radeon Xpress 200M
1536Mb PC2700 DDR
100Gb 7200rpm Seagate Hard Drive
LG Dual-Layer DVD Burner

I actually upgraded the laptop slightly though, by adding 1Gb PC2700 DDR (it originally had 512Mb), and changing the hard drive from the original 60Gb 4200rpm Toshiba.

I indeed do play trainz on a laptop, my laptop specks are somewhere in cyberspace, but basically, either I use my Clevo M37EW laptop, which looks like this for specs:

Pentimun M 1.6ghz
2GB DDR333 ram
128mb ATI radeon 9700 video card
100GB 4200rpm hard drive (pulled from another PC)
(heavily scened layouts can be an issue at times, but still yields around 10fps with all settings up on an empty Hawes Junction layout.)

Some of it was customised after I got it. The other I used was my Asus Z92T, with simliar specs to a A6T (essentially what it is, but its the "whitebook" or "carcass" version), the Vid card was intergrated, but heres the rest:

2Ghz AMD Turion 64x2
2GB DDR 667 RAM (Fastest at the time)
Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 256mb RAM
160GB 5400rpm (I think) Samsung Hard drive
(Full AI on Hawes gets around 25-30fps)

and it does run 64 bit Windows as well, the Clevo can't

The other was a mac, a powerbook, but I was one of the lucky so and sos that got a beta of it, for NDA reasons, I won't discuss the specs.
hp pavilion dv6000 widescreen. works with my vista premium but switching to xp this weekend, hopefully things run better
Been running it for years on all sorts of laptops. Probably the slowest was a 1.5GHz P4 with a Gig of RAM and a 64Mb ATI adapter. These days it's a Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz with 3Gb of RAM and a 256Mb ATI Mobility Radeon x1400 adapter.

HP dv5130 US
AMD Turion 64 Ml-37
1GB DDR333
ATI Xpress 200M (128MB dedicated RAM)
Windows XP MCE

Runs TRS2006 and Trainz Classics quite well. Not as flashy as m desktop, but heck with it, it works.
Me Too

Acer Aspire 7520g
AMD Turion 64X2 2.2 GHZ 2X512kb L2 cache
Nvidia Geforce 8600m GS 512mb video dedicated ram not shared
17" inch LCD wide screen
2GB ram
320GB HDD (twin 160's)
Super multi DVD
Vista operating system
was built for field editing of Hi Def video on the run

Had a lot of it put together in front of me so I was sure of what I was getting

Runs trains very nicely thank you :)
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Old HP laptop...

I'm running an HP Pavilion zd7000 laptop. It has a P4 (2.8Gig) + 2GB ram.
Video is an old Nvidia GeForce FX Go5600 . This machine is about 4 years old and runs Trainz ver 2004 and TC just fine. This machine runs Trainz as good as my whitebox desktop I built in has an AMD 3000+ CPU, 2GB ram and ASUS mobo, ATI X850pro video. I am seriously considering an iMac for my next purchase.:eek:
My ASUS PRO70C runs trainz fine
Intel DUO T5500
17.1 widescreen
dedicated ATI X1450
120g hdd
2g memory
vista premium
also I use a 4 gig thumb drive to increase the memory, a feature of vista there.
I have a Dell E. 1705 with an NVIDIA go 7900core duo 2.0 and 2 GB of RAM. Trainz runs very well normally get frame rates between 30 and 40 FPS.

I'm running under Vista 32 and have never had an issue running Trainz or any other game on this laptop
I have TRS2006 (Version 3337) running on a newish Dell laptop - can't remember the model off hand but it's a Dual Core 1.7Ghz processor, 8600 Nvidia graphics and 2Gb of RAM. Only issue is the widescreen but you get used to the slightly stretched display after a while.

Otherwise both Driver and Surveyor work fine.

I think the key with laptops and any game (not just TRS) is getting the highest spec you can afford and ensuring it has a brand graphics proxcessor, not just an Intel on board gfx chip.

Edit: It's a Dell Inspiron 1570.
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Thats good to know alot of people run it on a laptop.

It is surprising how power hungry trainz is especially on a detailed map, I take it quality settings need to be reduced. Running it on my Acer 8100 with 512MB RAM is painful and can't be done even at the lowest of settings.

I'm very tempted by the XPS M1530.. Would be nice to chill out on the sofa and build a map, ride a route!
I have TRS2006 (Version 3337) Only issue is the widescreen but you get used to the slightly stretched display after a while.
Edit: It's a Dell Inspiron 1570.

In TRS2004, you can set parameters in Trainz Objectz to cure that stretched look. There has to be a similar functionality in TRS2006?

My 3 year old Acer laptop barely gets 340 points in 3Dmark06 :eek:.. its a intel M 1.6ghz, x700 graphics and only has 512MB RAM, it is just shocklingy bad trying to run trainz on it, 5FPS being the max! I thought it was time for a new laptop after having mine for a few years now..

I took the plunge and ordered the Dell XPS M1530

Core 2 Duo 2Ghz
2GB Ram
8600M GT

After reading up quite abit on benchmarks and new laptops I was surprised that the above laptop performs better than my desktop especially when overclocked. I thought my desktop wasn't too bad with a 1.8 Ghz core 2 duo x1800XT graphics.. it scores 4300 points in 3Dmark06. The XPS 1530 laptop scores 4500 points and with overclocking will break thru 5300 points.

Will let you know how I get on with it when it arrives.
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