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Those links don't work. Thanks for the quick reply.

Edit I have downloaded both the central and normal 158 from the Dls. Author pikkabird they don't work no missing dependencies.
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hi welshborder guy . I live in near Newport - well 15miles away. I was just curious on how i send a screen shot onto the forums - i clicked on the (picture) button and it said bout URL and to put in //http:/ or summit but the pic is on my hard drive - please can you give me a tutorial. :eek:
Right ive downloaded your 150 in metro and arriva liverie I need the bogie but the link on your site doesn't work. Could you fix this for me please. They look fantastic though the pics.

headshot I have just downloaded all three of the bogie,s

on the page? have another try!

also dont forget if you have 2004 you need to change the config
to reflect this.

When i download and try to use it it says " Unable to find required user name tag in package. and how do i change the config file.

You must be using 2004 then

If you do a search for class 150 on the forum or look on
the uktrainz forum there have been lots of post on how to
change the config files or look on my download page and
download the 2004 config file and look at that!

or look for post from marky7890 he has converted a few of
my 150 to 2004 and they are on his web site,

here is the link

Hope this helps

I tried to change the config in your first north western Dmu but with no
succes. The ones ive downloaded from the 3rd party site worked though.


have you looked at the config in the d/l from the third party
site(2004 config)? and then had a look at the config from the one
on my site? (2006)

they are different in a couple of places ie the bogie line is different