DMU`S will not work


hi all

I can not get these to work but they show on the list :-

br class 101 blue & grey (dmbs) & (dmcl)
br class 101 blue (dmbs) & (dmcl)
br class 101 syt (dmbs)

why dont they work (go on the track) ?
I need them for the railway im doing.

dj dave 972
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What program do you have? And what are they doing or not doing?
If they show up on the list in Rail Yard (Train Yard?) but don't show up on the track when you click on them, try selecting information, then switch back to the regular view. If they disappear from the list, you're probably missing a dependancy or two.
For TRS2004, Trainz Objects will do an error check and find out if you're missing any parts. I'm not sure how to check for dependancies in 06.

:cool: Claude