DLS problem


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I have bought Trainz 12 (build: 61297) from Steam. I am running Windows 8 x64. I am registered, my serial number is registered and I try to download anything from DLS but I get this message:

Please note: It is likely that Auran did not create the package you are about to download from the Auran Download Station. As such, Auran has not verified the contents of the package and Auran advises that appropriate anti-virus software should be used to verify that no viruses are contained in this package. Auran cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage, however unlikely, that you happen to suffer from use of the package.

Contacting download site...please wait.
Download Link unavailable.

Access Denied: You do not have access to one or more of the directory the file is under.

Download with Download Helper
Title: Trapeztafel Ne 1
File Name: kuid_739417_21116.cdp
FileSize: 104.72 kb
Last Updated: 8th Nov 2014
File location on FTP Server:

Trouble Shooting
First Class Ticket A First Class Ticket allows for faster download speeds and availability, you can purchase these from our shop.

Note: For those using a slow modem connection, the download availability will be the main benefit of purchasing a First Class ticket.

Using a FTP Client:
Below are the settings you will need to set to connect to our FTP server.
FTP Host Address: files.auran.com
FTP site connect port: 21
FTP site Username: Wizkiddd
FTP site Password: melrbqAiW7634ea65a4e6d9041cf090e
Note: Both your FTP Username and Password are case-sensitive and should be entered in as shown above.

By using the FTP Location of the file you can use the get function of your FTP client to receive the download file.

CAN ANYONE HELP? I posted 2 tickets this week and no response. They got the money from me buying the game and now they don't care.