DLS Assets Missing


Alright, I have had TRS2006 for about six months now and love it. My only problem is with additional content. I have downloaded several new routes, but I am unable to find four assets on the DLS. These routes claim to be freeware and not require payware items, so I am assuming that they are out there somwhere. My four missing assets are below, each spawning an error about not being found when I attempt to download them. Can somebody point me in the right direction here? I know how to use CMP, but I can't seem to find a route I like anywhere that isn't missing dependencies or contains faulty assets.

Thanks for the fast response. I did not know of the "Pre-SP3" option. Upon searching the settings in CMP, I still don't see this one. Where is it located? I am using TRS2006, for reference.

I do have another odd problem, btu I believe it to be a CMP issue. I have four assets that claim they have dependencies missing. However, each one depends on the other three and nothing more. They have no missing assets, but they all think they do. Ideas?

I also just noticed that I cannot locate asset 60238:38073 on the DLS.
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Click on the Download Station link at the top of the forum next to Website.

For the 60238: one you need to click on the picture and then the download page and download it manually and then you'll need to install it into CMP. I have a tutorial on how to do that found here.