DL speed on first class ticket?


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OK now...got my First Class Ticket and it's activated. I know this because it says so on the top of my CMP and tells me how many days are left. I thought this would increase the DL speed but it hasn't. I know that my connection speed is capable of much more than 4kb a sec because other things I DL go faster...MUCH faster. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change on the CMP? or anywhere else. Even when I DL content from straight from FPT it happens in MB per sec, not 4kb. Hmmm?
more puzzling

Now, after about an hour of DL at 4kb with the FCT, it suddenly jumped up to 68MB for a couple of kuids then reduced speed back to 4kg. Do certain kuids only allow a certain speed? Thanks in advance for any info about this. John:cool: