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Hello to All; I have been saving my "local"(C:program files,Auran,TRS2006,
"local" to a DVD+RW disk (4.7 GB). I have 875MB free space remaining on the disk. I will in the future surpass this amount.

1.Will a window appear and tell me the disk is full and insert a new disk to continue?
2.Also will the window notice tell me what item I should start at on the new disk?
3. Do not have clue as to what must be done!
4.Anyone out there who can help out with this situation. Will take all advise from as many who would like to contribute.

Thank you all and please have a happy day.


Oh by the way I am Working TRS2006
Just before making a save onto CD or DVD RW open a DOS window, navigate to your <TRS2006 root> folder, and use the command:

DIR *.* /S

This will tell you how many files (and their size) you will be saving. If you don't have enough left on your RW disk, then put in a new one. Once you get neat the end of one disk, keep checking. I finally started getting so much 'stuff' to save that 4.7Gb wasn't big enough and I had to start splitting up the folders farther "down the line" (I.E. farther into <TRS2006 root> than JUST <TRS2006 root> alone.

To answer your other questions:

1) Not normally. It depends on how you are copying/backing up your data. Third party backup software will usually tell you before you start backup that what you are backing up is too big. Not always though.

2) Not normally. What will happen is that the copy/backup will fail at some point and you won't know which file was the failure point.

3) Go to Windows Help & Support and read up on backups and the like.

4) See above.

I backup all of my vital files on an external hard drive. I just find it a lot easier than CD's and besides, I've never really trusted CD's as backups. I've done some backups on CD's before thinking everything was just fine and when I went to the CD to read what was on them, they were corrupted although the write process appeared to work just fine.