Direction Markers Question


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Hi, I downloaded a route the other day that all double-track sections of the route has Yellow Trackmarks (I think for directions), and how do I use them? When I assign an AI train, does it travel the area VIA the track that contains the marker in the same direction? :confused: -Chris
When I assign an AI train, does it travel the area VIA the track that contains the marker in the same direction? :confused: -Chris

Not quite. The markers don't tell a train which way to go, they only tell it which way not to go. Let's say for example you have a single line that splits into two lines, and you want your trains to take the left track only. You would place a direction marker on the right-hand track and rotate it so that it's pointing towards the trains as they approach. That way the train sees the marker and knows not to go down that track. In this situation I notice a lot of people would also place a marker on the left-hand track, facing the direction of travel, however this is pointless extra work as it doesn't tell the train anything ;)

Here you go. The trains arrive from the bottom left. The yellow direction marker is pointing towards where the trains are coming from and is telling them not to take that route, so the trains will always take the left / top track. Think of the pointy end of the marker as a "no entry" sign.

The best way to learn how it works is to create a small test layout with a passing loop and have a play about.


This is a shot of the built in layout Rosworth Vale. What you seem to be saying JB is that all the trouble I've had with this layout and session (drivers not going where they are supposed to or where I want them to) is due to the markers being placed incorrectly? If so then someone should have checked it before printing the disc I think:(
Lol that"ll be the problem.I"ve even had routes which wouldn"t work because of missing levers.They"ve only got to be a little out of postion to stop everything working.Where you have a Crossover TDMs are very important to stop the AI trying to use the Crossover to find a "shorter route" and running on the wrong line.AI will always use the shortest route available unless you use TDMs to tell it NOT to.:cool:
lenice. Rosworth Vale(i use it a lot) to me is signalled and track direction markers the wrong way round. from armandale bay to applesthwaite try left rail to, right rail back. obviously continue all the way round the route. there are a couple of problems in the route, one i think is past applethwaite,(lowgill)? a point is missing or lever.