Different speed rules for specific Consists- How ?


I am trying to build sessions as close to TT and TO as possible. I have been focusing on the speed rules associated with the TT and have hit a roadblock.

Using Employee Time Table_BC_8_1906_May6 from the Canadian Pacific Historical Association, as this is the oldest Pacific ETT available,

pg 10 Rossland Branch Rules

rule 4 Freight Trains and engines Rossland to Smelter Junction may not exceed 10mph
rule 7 Ore trains Rossland to Smelter junction may not exceed 8 mph.

I have set the downhill grade to a 20mph speed limit as passenger trains meet the TT times on the 1900 and 1906 schedules
I set the uphill speed to 20 mph also based on TT timing against the passenger train schedule.

I have set max speed at 15 mph for a Shay, 25 mph for an 2-8-0 L4 and 30 Mph for an 2-8-0 M1 in their config files.

So the challenge is there are multiple speed rules for different trains that could all be pulled by the same engine type ie The issue is an L4 could pull passenger, freight or ore trains on the Rossland hill both up and down and based on train consist would have different speed limits

The Trainz perspective I use the same engine config for local, and main line engines, so max speed is usually flat mainline speed. . This means the Shay can go uphill up to 15mph, but needs to be 8 mph downhill pulling the ore train. As this is a local turn same engine in both directions. The freight can go up to 20 mph uphill, but only 10 mph downhill using the same L1 2-8-0 in both directions. the Passenger using the M1 2-8-0 can go 20 mph uphill and downhill.

What I need is a speed rule or asset that can be specific to a consist number for a section of track or some other mechanism to tie track speed to a unique consist

Any ideas on how to solve this challenge.


There is a driver command to set max speed for that driver. you would have to determine how it interacts with track speed limits.
I’ve seen a trigger used on some routes which ties speed limit to a trains “priority” settings. E.g. On pfx’s excellent Midshire & Rosworth vale lines there is a section of track signed as 125mph for “EPS” trains, 100mph for regular passenger trains and 75mph for freights. These are represented and set up in the trigger using priorities 1, 2 and 3. When a train passes that speedboard the limit will change based on the set priority. E.g. A train with priority set to 1 would get a 125mph limit, 2 would get 100, etc.
these are the ones pitkin means I think
<kuid2:450022:90001:2> Set Max Speed To
<kuid:450022:90002> Set Max Speed To (km/h)
both on the DLS by nikkia
and can be used on 1 specific driver/consist in the driver command lists
Thanks everyone.

The Set Max Speed to solved the problem nicely. interesting to see how many different similar commands are in DLS

I set speed to the lower downhill limit at the top of the hill and then reset to mainline speed at the bottom of the hill. Since it is a driver command I can customize each train at the appropriate points.

This gets me much closer to the TT&TO Rules.

The solution sounds interesting, however I am not sure what assets and how they are configured to get the outcome you describe. Is there a special speed board asset that allows for multiple speeds or is this programmed somewhere?

appreciate any insight

these are the ones pitkin means I think
<kuid2:450022:90001:2> Set Max Speed To
<kuid:450022:90002> Set Max Speed To (km/h)
both on the DLS by nikkia
and can be used on 1 specific driver/consist in the driver command lists

yes, they are. i was not at my gaming computer when i posted. Thanks G.M.
Okay I think I get it.

You can use any point ( ie Track Mark) and when that event occurs, the next rule is set speed to xx. Each consist would have a unique set to speed.

That is what I have done with the ore train, freight train and passenger train each with a unique set to speed when they cross a TM at the top of the hill

Thanks everyone