Deleting Ground


Get over it
I would like to delete some ground that isn't really necessary but when I select delete ground I get the message "deleting a ground section can not be undone". If I choose delete what gets deleted? An entire baseboard or a small square grid?
You can delete the contents (trees, buildings, roads, etc) of a small square grid to leave it bare but to delete the ground itself (not to be confused with the terrain - hills and valleys) you have to delete the entire baseboard that contains the small square grid.
FYI, Surveyor 2.0 adds the ability to use the Marquee tool to add or delete more than one baseboard at a time. Choose the Marquee tool and draw a selection around the baseboard(s) you want to delete and then click on the square in a circle icon that appears within the selection and choose Delete Baseboards in Marquee. To add baseboard(s), draw a selection in open space where you want the new baseboard(s) and then using the square in a circle icon, choose Add New Baseboards in either 5m or 10m grid size.
You can also zoom way out too now and select huge areas if you are trimming a route.

I always remove the contents of the baseboards prior to deleting the baseboards. This is to make sure there are no bits and pieces left floating in space afterwards.