Delete or replace Schedule

I know how to delete a schedule by human intervention. What I was looking for is a command or rule that would delete the current schedule and replace it with a new schedule. Schedule at trackmark replaces the current command with the new schedule but leaves all the other commands. I would like to see the option to replace the whole schedule with a new one.
There is a driver command that comes with Potteries Loop Line Shedmaster package: <kuid2:160293:101200:1> Insert or Replace Commands. If you don't have PLL then I could send you a cdp file. My e-mail address is in the config file of all my assets. Send me a mail if you want the file.

Best Regards - Trevor
I use the Driver Schedule Rule <kuid2:82445:90001:9> which is built in. It gives you 4 options for adding a new schedule (set of commands) to the command list of a selected driver

  • Classic Style - add the new schedule except if a schedule is already running for this driver
  • Killer Style - add the new schedule killing (replacing) any currently running schedule
  • Cooperative Style - add the new schedule but if a schedule is already running, add the new schedule to the end of the existing one
  • Active Style - add the new schedule only if a schedule is already running
Many thanks pware, the driver schedule rule is fine for a named driver but I have a random selection via a trackmark which will add the schedule into the existing one. If the schedule at TM also had those options that would be great. I use the drive to trackmark list and it depends witch one it selects.

Trevor thanks for the offer, firstly I will see what can be done with what is on the DLS.
Hi Stagecoach

Trevors command works perfectly for this sort of thing and I make regular use of it to do something similar to what you're wanting to do. I use the replace option to put in different schedules depending on the value in one or more variables. The command is an enhancement of the "Copy Commands from" driver command (built in) so have a look at that if you don't want to use non DLS assets.