Data Base Update


I have been very content to go back to TR12 after trying TANE and "giving up in disgust" and today when starting TR12 it ran a data base update and now all the
Locos I have been using for months have appeared in the menu in "red" and disappeared from the route. WHY ???????????

Because it can. :) Sometimes if the program wasn't shutdown properly this can happen, other times it just happens.

Go into Content Manager.
View Faulty assets

Select any faulty assets, right-click and choose view errors and warnings.

The errors will disappear unless there is an actual error with the asset.

Regarding TANE... It's getting better. The beta version doesn't have this this issue so far. I've gotten to be quite the expert at navigating around faulty databases though. I have employed a few tricks to keep things stable until the beta becomes the new version.
Thanks for the info - tried your suggestions and a few ideas of my own to no avail. After twelve years and many hours of work I have got to the stage of wondering if it is worth the trouble.
Since the introduction of TANE the whole Trainz program and everything associated with it has gone from bad to worse. Content managers in both TR12 and TANE freeze and crash - never
happened previously. My opinion is that NV3 is not capable of delivering and maintaining a satisfactory program and are "out of their depth".