Dash 9 DLS Question


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Hey guys. There are a number of C44-9Ws, C40-9Ws, AC4400s that are painted in probably every road name that owns them, plus some. These units have changeable road numbers. I like these units because they are excellent "filler" units. I can have as many as I like, and still keeping it proto. I've downloaded both CN models on the DLS. For some reason, the font WILL NOT show up when I enter the road number in the "properties" window. Not just the cab number, but the numberboard as well. Some, such as the CSX units, show up fine. I'm not sure if this is a problem or just my own stupidity, but what's going wrong?

Thanks guys.:)
Well, here's the KUID numbers of the assests. Both are CN dash 9s in slightly different livery.