Cuious if anyone has experienced this with Win11 SSDs?

The ONLY thing that I use Win11 for is Trainz. I have not noticed any slow down at all. In fact, a session loads quite a bit faster now than it used to. The one that I am currently working on is quite large and used to take about 20-25 seconds to load. Right now, after adding quite a bit more scenery, it takes about 6-7 seconds.
I haven't seen any slowdowns per se on boot or for anything else I run, but I did notice that some disc utilities such as defrag take longer to load than normal. I reported this to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub.

In case you're wondering, the defrag utility will TRIM SSDs and defragment regular hard drives. Since Windows 10, this capability has been built into the utility.

The article looks like a typical non-technical complainer article used to fill space on the news website on a slow day.
Hi John. I had to look up TRIM, as I had not heard of it before. Fortunately it is enabled on my system, although I am not sure if it works with OPTANE Memory or not. My impression is that OPTANE is somewhat like an SSD used for cache, but I could be mistaken. I don't have any other SSD at this point.