CSX B30-7 Missing Dependency


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I recently purchased the CSX B30-7 and have a missing dependency that I cannot resolve:


Thanks in advance!
I am aware that it is an asset ns37's. I have downloaded nearly all of the GE variety and general locomotive dependencies and have also Google'd the kuid.
have a look at what the kuid relates to in the config.txt or through content creator you might just be able to replace it with something else.

That kuid falls in the range he uses for bogies which should be included in the CDP that the loco came in. Check you "Open for Edit" tab in CMP to make sure it's not still open. If it is then commit it. If not try downloading and installing the cdp again.

I committed all of its dependencies and have downloaded the locomotive again but it still says it is still missing that dependency.
What exactly is the dependencies type in the config file: bogey ... etc ... ?

I find that many 3rd party sites require a detailed look into each asset, in order to find out what the kuid# is ... this does make searching for a kuid almost impossible ... as the kuid# is not seen, and is hidden, on the preview, and the kuid# is not searchable on the site ... as it displays: "No Results Found" ... very frustrating.

If an auto parts distributor hid their kuids from a search engine ... that would make finding an auto part ... totally impossible
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In the config, it shows that it is a bogey. I believe it should be a grey FB-2 truck. JR's site does have bogies and trucks under the dependencies section but they appear to be only for rolling stock (S-2 trucks). But, I understand that it shouldn't have to be hosted there if it is supposed to be included in the locomotive CDP.