Crowecombe Interlocking tower


Subways and railroads
Does anyone know where I can find the crowecombe Interlocking tower that let's you make different paths for your trains in TANE? In my TANE I have the crowecombe tower without the interlocking system.
If you have Tane sp1 or above, the built-in Crowcombe-Heathfield Signal Box has the IT functionality. The kuid is <kuid:401543:3220> and is for Trainz version 4.3 and above.

An alternative is to use the TRC 3 Invisible Interlocking Tower (downloadable from DLS). It is only visible in Surveyor so could be placed next to a signal box, or any other scenery object, of your choice.

Note that if you have not patched up to SP1, you won't be able to use the Interlocking Tower functionality.