Creating New Variations of TRS19 SAP Track US

I am currently revising the 132 lb rail from the TRS19 SAP US procedural track asset from MSGSapper to procedure height of 7.125 in (181 mm). I am also creating variations of the TRS19 SAP Track with 136 lb and 141 lb rails. Below are the Blender screenshots showing the changes. When I release these assets to the Trainz DLS, I believe it will be first Trainz procedural track to feature North American 136RE (136 lb) and 141RE (141 lb) rails.
With revised 132 lb rail.
With 136 lb rail.
With 141 lb rail.

I have created the 136RE and 141RE rails using extrusion in Blender. These rail meshes are scaled to the prototypical height and width.
136RE rail spec:
Transport Rail 136RE (TR68) - ArcelorMittal
141RE rail spec: Transport Rail 141AB - ArcelorMittal