CR SD70MAC missing Kuid


Route Builder
Unknown Location: <kuid2:45324:85401:1>
Not faulty: Arn library, v2.02
Not faulty: CR SD70MAC Shell
Not faulty: Diesel Fuel
Not faulty: Ditchlight
Not faulty: EMD 16-710 diesel engine sounds
Not faulty: EMD 9 Blade 48 Radiator Fan
Not faulty: EMD HTCR bogey (Dirty Black)
Not faulty: EMD Wide Cab rear wipers
Not faulty: EMD Widecab mechanism type 1
Not faulty: Engine sand
Not faulty: Jointed Rail Train Effects library v 1.31
Not faulty: Locomotive sound effects library v1.08c
Not faulty: Nathan K5LA #4
Not faulty: SD70MAC engine
Try re downloading it if you have not all ready done so, as it should be in the CDP. Remember to overtire all in Content Manager.

It should have the items your needing in the CDP file you purchased but if your still having problems I believe thats a wiper off the top of my head. Grab the Locomotive Wipers update under the SP1 Updates area under dependencies, that has all of them in there that you would need.

as you can see i got the CR SD70MAC working.... i had to edit the config file and change the front wiper so it would use the wipers from the UP SD70M Letters ... The Wipers for the CR were an TS12 SP1 kuid which i don't have... Hope JR don't mind me doing this was the only way i could get the engine to work
It wouldnt of mattered either way you could have used the ones I told you to download in my last post. The only thing TS 12 SP1 about those was just adding a line in the config. They still work 2009-2012 SP1 either way. As long as it works i guess.