CPR Budd Baggage car


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I have downloaded this old girl. CPR Budd Baggage Car. When i went to install it. It would not show up on my game. I went into View Errors & Warnings. And this is what it showed. Unable to load mesh file: 'cp_budd_baggage_shadow\cp_budd_baggage_shadow.pm' Can someone help me out here thanks. PS Im running TRS12 sorebutt:(
This is easily repaired. You need to create a mesh table in the config.txt file and then using PEVs PM2IM and Quick Shadows, create the proper IM files. Remember to open the asset for Edit in Explorer first

In your Config.txt file you need to setup the mesh table similar to this:

mesh "gp9 high hood undec_body/gp9 high hood undec_body.im"
auto-create 1

mesh "gp9 high hood undec_body/shadow.im"

Change the information to match that in your own asset body folder if that's where the files are located.

Save the file, check for errors in CM, and then close the folders and commit if there are none.
Or just go the easy route, and open the config in Content Creator Plus, use the main mesh as the shadow, save, your done.