Country to Suburban line...


QR Clyde/GMs
I guess it's a bit hard to describe, but I'm really wondering how to go about going from a country line into a suburban line.

Probably the best way to put it is, how should the transition be from country to suburban, should it be sudden or more of a subtle build-up of houses to shops to hotels etc.
I think you should do it the second way. Changing in an immidiate way would look wierd and unrealistic. It should only be used when you are doing an entirely different route in the same route, like my Re-Enactments route, which I use for re-making Thomas The Tank Engine episodes.
Or you could do it like this: make the suburban part enter from a junction.
Leave at least a 1/2 mile between suburban or urban or whatever change it is.
How abrupt the change is probably depends on where you are modeling, but the sequence is usually a variation on:
Suburbs first, with developments of cloned housing, then built up areas with mixed single family, apartment and commercial buildings, then lower buildings, building up to a few mixed medium to large buildings in the downtown areas.
Industrial areas tend to be clustered together where they can reach each other easily. Main roads tend to be heavily commercial with some housing of various types breaking up the monotony. Side roads are almost exclusively residential.
And in southern California, the dominant feature outside the downtown area is parking lots, with several lots intruding into the heart of the city. Don't forget to include lots of parking.:D I'm always weak on parking lots.

:cool: Claude
I would set it up like you see on the road for example if you drive into a major city on a highway that goes straight into the centre of town so as you drive in you see more and more clutter and houses etc etc just as you would driving in\out of a major city

i have no problem with parking lots....:D
anyway if your stilll stumped go into google earth or somethinga and look at a city. you will see gray areas for me anyway that is the center of town the as it radiats outward they get frther apart.
look for yourself youll see what to do then