Could several kind persons run a quick test for me?

OK Guys, thank you all for that, it appears that the problem is related somehow to my computers (both of them) which are running different versions of Win 7. What is happening to me is that the .CDP is being downloaded opened in text format, not as a single file. All the evidence indicates that there is something amiss on my machines.

To anyone else reading this, thank you for reading but I now have enough results, no need to reply unless you have a suggestion as to why this is happening.

I believe the file server is sending the wrong content-type string, so that your browser thinks it's text when it should be binary. The owner of the server has to fix that. In any case, can't you right-click the link and use the Save Link As... feature? I forget what it's called on IE and other browsers, but most have a similar function.
Thanks for suggesting that. I had thought of that but ignored it as all others do not have the problem. Just me. 'Save as' works OK. As no-one else has the problem, I will ignore it and continue loading the drive. It has to be a recent change as I have never had the problem before. I recently started using IE explorer 11 which is the only recent change, I'll get rid of it and have a look at Chrome

IE11 gives text. Save target as gives an HML file but changing the extension to cdp makes it OK.
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Chrome installed - Explorer gone - PROBLEM GONE!!!!

Thanks everyone.


Just recently I've started having problems with Chrome and downloading files. Basically a download opens a new page and Chrome just hangs and requires Task Manager to kill it off. This also happened with your links. Using IE resulted in a page full of text.

This is with Chrome and Win 8.1 Google are usually pretty quick with fixing faults so I will just wait a few days.
TPR downloads as text in firefox, but is fine in chrome. For I still haven't worked out the HTML to allow .cdps to download in HTML 5 but .zips work fine in anything.

Cheerio John

Thanks for your reply. It looks as though you have the same problem that vexed me. In my case I had installed Internet Explorer 11 and that was the cause, I moved to Google Chrome and had no more problem. I have a suspicion that it was also related in some way to the specific hosting site, but as changing browsers fixed the problem I did not look further.

Further comments are not needed.

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