Content Lost

Hey Guys,
So I recently changed where the things I download get installed to via the settings and upon loading back into the game have found that all of my content that had been downloaded and my routes are all gone which is really frustrating as I spent alot of time on those routes and downloading content and such. Is there anyway to recover what has been lost as Ive checked both my hard drives and they havent lost any data its just been transferred at least so I thought.
Kindest regards, Railsimulator09.
you'll need to physically move all the content that you already had downloaded from the old location to the new location.
Your old data location was most likely C:\Users\<your pc name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22.

Or search for userdata-redirect-map.txt
Hey Guys thanks for the advice but I have copied the whole trs22 folder from my previous hard drive and my route content all of it is still nowhere to be seen am I doing something wrong or is there anything i may have missed?
I've had a similar problem where I had my 2TB drive mirrored onto a new 4TB one, and most of my content is listed as "unknown location" and it does not seem like the entire Trainz asset folder was copied...
What did you transfer? Remember TRS22 has two folders, one for the program and one for the data (the build folder). The build folder contains all the content and when you copy it to a new location you will need to point the install path to that location. You will also need to do a DBR to update the cache files that the game reads.