Content Fouling my Mainline!


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Hi JR,

Yesterday, whilst finishing off a new route map in TS12, I experienced an error which I had never come across before. This error came about when I created a new consist of mainly built-in and JR combined vehicles/ assets. There were so many vehicles in this consist, which was headed up by three (3) SP SD45 Tunnel Motors and one SP GP40-2. Then came all the rest, box cars, gondolas, Centrebeams, you name it. After placing a few consists within this new route, I tested a few to see how they ran and all was going fine until I attempted to drive the SP freight consist. Once in Driver mode, clicking on the lead Locomotive, and preferring to use the simplistic driver controls, the grey dial at the bottom right of the screen disappeared altogether. All other options were working, but I could not get the simplistic driver control to appear on screen, so the consist could not move. Restarting the game and opting for the realistic controls achieved nothing. The consist was undriveable!

Back in Surveyor mode I found that I could not move, delete or in any way change the consist. All the Loco's and carriages looked fine and their appearance did not change in any way so it all looked normal. The only thing I do remember was that when I was putting the consist together, I noticed that sliding the individual freight cars along the track to connect them altogether was plagued with issues. Some freight cars would not couple together at all, so some were deleted and this seem to resolve it. This issue has never happened before.

So, I had a freight train fouling the mainline. So, I created a test route and dumped a whole long line of freight cars on it and tested them all to see if I could get the same coupling issues to repeat themselves again. In the end there was only one freight car out of say 20+ which seems to be faulty. It was downloaded from the JR website, being;

UPFE PCF 57' Reefer White Dirty <kuid:396831:100623>

This asset has no faulty or missing deps according to Content Manager either, so its got me as to what the issue is! Below are some screenshots from Surveyor showing what I experienced when placing this UPFE PCF Reefer within the consist;



As you can see from the above, the UPFE Dirty White Reefer Car was stuck and it acted like it was not there as other cars could slide along the track and connect up with each other without any problem. I then placed more of this type of reefer elsewhere on this Test Route and had no issues as they all connected up to each other OK, but his first one did not and I don't know why. So, I've deleted it from TS12 and will not use it again. I did use this asset in TS10 with no issues, like I said this issue has never happened before.

Any advice or assistance with this would be appreciated.

Sorry for all the posts recently, but when I notice something unusual, I think it is wise to alert others and you guys as to what I am experiencing. The first route I created was useless so I had to delete three days worth of work and start over...not all that happy, but that's Trainz for you!

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