Confused by Interlocking Towers


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I am thoroughly confused on setting up signals for a simple diamond crossing for my route. In the pic below my route runs east and west. There is a single line (dummy) that runs north and south. So far so good. How would I signal both routes? I was considering a interchange from the eastbound track to the northbound one. Now, I am in WAY over my head.

I think an interlocking tower is needed. But when I look to set one up, the directions are like I was reading an ancient foreign language. Even though the north-south line is a dummy, I'd still like to signal it like it's a real functioning line because I may expand things there. Help:eek:
I don't think you can setup proper diamond switching and signaling in trainz (there's no way for the game to tell if two tracks cross), but I sympathize with you, and I think its a feature that's desperately needed in trainz.
Actually, for a setup like this, look for Boat's ASB Crossover assets.

Simple to setup, similar to the ATLS crossings.

The documentation is excellent, and it works as expected.
Take a look at <kuid2:76656:70001:11> ASB Crossover Controller Tane SP3/TRS19. Along with <kuid2:76656:70002:6> ASB Crossover Trigger - Tane SP3/TRS19 you can set up signalling for a diamond crossing. I'm just getting back into things and used an older version of this back in the 2009 time frame. Happy to see it's still around and updated.
Depends on how close the signals are to the crossing point, but both ASB and EIT would need them nearby. EIT needs to be set up for each direction of travel, east to west and west to east. You also need to set up both ways on the single track. The paths start at the nearest signal before the crossing to the first signal after it. In order for tracks to see each other, place 2 C+notes (found in the signal asset tab) one on each of the double tracks. Give them a simple name like X1 and X2, this is for your reference only. In the top part of the EIT path you enter that code into the exclusive sets. Only enter the code for the track that the lines cross, the single track crosses both so both codes are required.