Compudoc Station Platforms


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Hi all,

I have had an interesting scenario on one of my layouts, where I had station-platform2 by compudoc installed. I happened to note that a train on arriving at the station would open and close it's doors normally, after which it would just sit there for 1min before moving off. Which caused a bit of a back up on the line.

I assumed there was something wrong with either the driver command or signals, after some alterations nothing changed. So I changed the station to station-platform7 where the same thing happened. Both stations are island platforms.

In the end I put a couple of single 150m platforms back to back which cured the problem of the delay to the train.

In content manager I looked to see if the platforms were set up for this delay. But could not find the answer.

Does anyone know how to cure the problem?
I don't use that particular asset but some interactive stations have in their properties (the "?" button in Surveyor) a setting that specifies a "wait time" (or similar) before departure. The setting may be in the General tab (i.e. the station) or in the Platform tab.
Outside of parameters that have been mentioned, it maybe a bug due to the changes in the scripting that have affected many station platforms. I don't know either since I've never used his platforms myself.

Pware: The platforms don't have this adjustment though the '?' only how many passengers to fit.

Jcitron: Couldn't find anything in the script or config file to explain the problem.

Thanks anyway