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Whats a flipping loop? OK I was being a bit rude so let's ditch the word flipping. That leaves us with a loop. Auran use the term oval of track in their surveyor tutorial. Let's have a go at that shall we?

For Trainz 2004 look for the Heading " A WORKING RAILWAY". It is halfway down page 27 of the Drivers Manual. Follow the instructions to the bottom of page 34. Well done you've now built a flipping loop.

For Trainz 2006 you will have to open the expanded manual from the launch screen. The tutorial runs from page 46 (chapter 10.4) to page 60.

Yes we all want to build a huge railway straightaway but you have to know how it all fits together. Keep it simple at first and take small steps at a time, that way a little independence can be built up.

Oh I didn't realise that you where rude. I thought that that was an actual word.:hehe: now that has got to be the funniest mistake.

By the way I've made more complected stuff work on my routes. you know the basics that I had learned was to make loads of industries on just one bacebord, just link them up, build a train, some hills, make some terrain and off we go.
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I've got another set of problems with trainz launcher,program and CMP and it's really annoying.

this is a link to what it looks like

if I say terminate it closes the window and I start trainz and it takes forever to load.

If I do nothing with it and start trainz and then say terminate another one comes up like this

If I try to download stuff onto CMP from the DLS and it comes up with this
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10-4 Trucker "Keep 'Em Rolling"

Sound like somthing you've heard?

I have that game!

Rock On!

I have $660,666 How much you have?
I have about 750,000 so you've played that game.:D but I deleted that save because I feel guilty having that much money. I've got a later version of that game. but unfortunately it hasn't got those sounds. I wonder if they could make a multi player version where we could give each other money.
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I just went in the game, I have over $1,078,654,655.

I think that route in the ScreenShots forum is making me forget stuff. :p

What later version? Haulin'?
ooh I thought that you had across America version (because of your sentence
10-4 Trucker "Keep 'Em Rolling"
). so does it have sounds like that one that you had described?

So how did you know that I had that game?:hehe:

1,000,000,000$ woah that's a lot of money.

unfortunately that game has got a slight bug in it as well so now I can't make any long delivery's because the bug crashes it.
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by the way whats a flipping loop?

Come on lads stop being so critical of Ben. You may put him off posting on the forums, then I,ll have no alternative but to go back to reading comic books.

Regards, John
The Tehachapi loop, it flips over it self!!!:D:D:D:D
Lucky guess, I guess.
problery but thats amazing how right your guess was.:eek:

is this one of those loops?
TheWizKid - TWK :)

Do something like that again i want to see if i get it right.

@ SandwichSpread, Thanks.
I've reinstalled trainz for the 5th time (or was it the 10th time) and I didn't complete the installation I think that I forgot to install net for CMP where do you get it?
umm im kinda sure after you install trainz it asks you at the end if you wanna download(.net) you can also find it on disc# 5