Community Edition wont load: says not responding


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We tried to load the community edition on our computer. It downloaded but it won't load. Says not responding. Any suggestions??
Somewhere in the instructions it says it will appear to do nothing for up to twenty minutes or so, if Windows says not responding just ignore it and wait, it should carry on eventually.

Found it its in the install instructions on the download page.

4. Install From the temporary location, run Setup.exe to begin installation. You will require 30GB of free disk space on your C: Drive to install T:ANE - CE.

Note: After entering the install path and clicking "Install", the installer will appear "frozen". Although it may show as "Not Responding" for 10-20 minutes when preparing to install, please just leave this process running. After some time it will show the progress bar. Installation from this point can take 20 minutes or more depending on your hardware.