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Canadian National
Today we went down to Duplainville one of Wisconsins good hot spots for train watching and when we got there we went down Green Road where we can get right along side the tracks and when we got there we seen a CN train holding the main as a CP Auto train headed for Chicago and the Amtrak Empire Builder headed for Portage pass each other before stomping over the diamond...After they left the CN train headed south to Waukesha to do some set outs in there yard and then on its way to Chicago
Heres some more pix of this route...

Once again we are set up Duplainville and today were following the Quad Graphics local that came out of Waukesha and as we see him waiting for the Empire Builder to clear the diamond headed for Milwaukee

The last of the cars rumble over the diamond

After the Empire Builder cleared they had to wait for another CP auto train headed towards Portage

Here comes the end

As the 2 trains cleared the diamond the local headed south for Quad Graphics as we see him here switching out the plant

Shot of todays power

After he got all done switching the plant they had to wait for a WC train from Chicago headed for Fond du Lac pass on by them in the siding
Thanks....It's got a lot of work to be done yet but all the track is laid...This one will more then likely be up for download....As my other route is not quiet there yet on being done...
J has kindly lended me the route so I can help "pimp it out." I still need to retexture the whole thing :(. Here is the new Vernon Marsh.....


It's a start to a long and daunting process but we will get there eventually!

Here is the finished view in Burlington. I will still be adding a few small details in the yard. Now onto Duplaineville!!!!!!!!


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Duplainville.....Looks good there Steve...Keep up the good work....Only 10 more hrs to go ;) Duplainville
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Here is the last update of the day........

A look down Duplainville Road. In the distance you can see the MASSIVE Quad Graphics printing plant and to my left is the famous Dupy's Bar!!!


As the westbound CP train finishes pounding the diamond, CN train L510 makes the turn off of the CN and heades east towards Milwaukee. Most of the boxcars in the consist were picked up at Quad Graphics.


I still need to add lots more details and retexture this area.

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That was mean J..... I am currently waiting for permission to release them. Only a select few have them already. When they are available I will make an announcement in the freeware section. They will be found here. WISCONSIN TRAINZ

He wont be able to release em with out that guys permission...And at this rate I don't think they will be released....I know the guy and he's not to happy on what he did with out asking him if he could do that....