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Hey guys. I just downloaded a new whistle. Does anyone know how to put this new whistle onto one of my steam locomotives?

Thanks, Matt
If for TRS 2004, download TrainzCarTweaker from:

which will enable you to:

Change the behaviour of your rolling stock and locomotives in Trainz without editing any so called config.txt files. From now on both rolling stock and locomotive will be called traincar.

Current features:

* Change hornsound, enginesound, interior and bogeys with a mouseclick
* Tweak the engine of your traincars to give them better brakes or faster acceleration. In that case your Trainz will be able to stop for a red signal in time.
* Backup and restore included in the program
* Preview pictures are obtained from Auran DLS (registered Trainz owners only)
* Shortcut menus to edit all items of a traincar in an external editor

In TRS 2006, I haven't the foggiest idea ;) my guess is somewhere in the loco's config.txt file with CMP (read its manual if and how this is possible).

*Edit: Just reading this reply in the post named "Whistle" made by Bill69 says:

You can change the horn on a loco simply by changing the horn kuid in the config file. It needs changing in two places, the horn tag and the kuid table. Take a backup of the config file before you start, call it say configbak.txt, then do the changes, save the config.txt file, delete the dispatcher chump file and reload trainz
In TRS2006 just edit the config.txt file in CMP then re-commit.


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