Changing Level Crossing Tracks


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Hi there. I have just started work on my first proper route now and im desperatly trying to stick at it. I am looking for some nice UK level crossings and i want to be able to change the track on them to the UK wooden track im using thats in trs2006 as stock. I have heard this is possible but i have no idea how to do it. My guess is, its going to require some effort which i am more than happy to put in and i am by no means a novice to computers so you wont have to dumb it down too much for me :)
OK, DJELZY, let's try it with "Gated_Crossing_w_Box_35" which is <kuid:1942:38117>.

First, highlight it in CMP, right click and select "Clone". Press the [View in Main List] button and you now have a copy of the original to play with.

Highlight the copy, right click and select Edit>Edit In Explorer. This will open up a copy of Explorer. Double click on the config.txt file and this will be opened up in the Notepad applet.

Four lines down from the top you will see "track" on the left and a kuid number on the right <kuid:-1:100608>. This kuid number can be changed for any track type you wish (assuming you have it loaded and committed).

Change it to <kuid:60850:38068>, save the file and close Explorer. Now select the cloned copy in CMP, right click and choose Edit>Commit.

Open any route in Surveyor, and paste in a copy of the revised crossing. It should now have 3-rail track.

You can use this trick on bridges and also for roads.
a few tips regarding level crossings!

1st. if you using TRS 2006 SP1, visit the DLS and search Pgmetcalf(exactly that username) and find his Uk gated crossings which come in 1T, 2T, 3T and 4T versions with 3.5m 6-foot spacing and 4.0m 6-foot spacing versions. also the level crossings track will auto-update its tracks to macth the one you attach to it.

2nd. in CCP( reached by edit > edit in Content Creator Plus)

Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

Be careful what you open in CCP! as some content can be Broken by opening in CCP and updating the Config file to TRS 2006 Standards.

if you are not sure what might be broken either don't open it in CCP or Clone it first so if it does break you won't lose you downloaded content! Also read the content's readme files before opening in CCP!!!!!!!

End Warning!

in CCP,
(we'll use the content mentioned in the previous post as a guide - "Gated_Crossing_w_Box_35")

follow the instructions in the picture.


I believe that tafweb's latest crossings alter to match the track attached.

tafweb's latest crossing are the updated single track crossings which do auto update, but the double track, both the 5.0m and 3.5m versions do not have the auto update feature enabled yet.

i am using Pgmetcalf's gated crossing but i would like one for the branch line section that was a bit batterd and had some dirt or grass??