Change heading working?


According to the in-game help and the keyboard settings, Alt + C should change the heading of a train. I can't seem to get this to work at all.

Here's an example: Loco moves in one direction when I move the DCC throttle to the right. Should I be able to hit Alt + C and then have the loco move in the opposite direction when I move the DCC throttle to the right?

This seems useful for dual-cab and hood type locos, but I'm mystified as to how to get it working. Let alone my changing the train heading in Surveyor, exiting to Driver, coming back and finding the heading is wrong again. :(
That doesn't actually change the heading, just the cab position if you have two cabs. The train itself is still "pointed" the same direction.
You're basically doing a backing movement, so it's right to have the controls reversed. You get used to it.

:cool: Claude