Can't Believe I Just Now Remembered This...

A month or two ago, I was looking at one of the ALCo S2 models (I think the CP S2) and in the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section at the bottom of the page, I saw a freeware (the cost listed was "$0.00") Catskill Mountain Railroad ALCo RS1 and a freeware CSX EMD F40PH. I clicked on the link for the RS1, but it sent me to the initial Jointed Rail page (which happens to me a lot). So I went to the freeware locomotives and... nothing. No RS1, no F40PH. So I looked at all the ALCo's. No Catskill Mountain RS1 listed at all. However, when I looked at the product description of the ALCo RS1's, it mentions a "CMRR" unit. So are there some models that are floating around on website but aren't listed for some reason? Or are those Club Car exclusives?