Cannot reach server/App store on iOS


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Hi all,
After a little help if I may,
I'm not able to download paid content on Ipad or Iphone on multiple devices, getting an error message saying it cannot connect to App store, and then unable to connect to the N3V servers.

It DOES connect to app store and takes my money, but simply won't download.

It also won't refresh previously downloaded content. (worked fine last week)

Any ideas? (obviously I've reset the device, checked internet connections etc etc.)

Could there be a setting that's somehow changed with iOS updates?

Any guidance appreciated.


I don't believe there is any version of Trainz in any app store. Also you have no registered versions listed beside your name, so you won't get much help until we know you're fair dinkum! You also can't download from the DLS until you contact the 'helpdesk', link at top of page, and register your version of Trainz.
There is a problem with the Trainz Sim 2 and Trainz Driver 2 apps (iOS mobile). We have updated versions in with App Store Review so expect the new versions will be available in the next day or so.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Also note that iOS versions do not require registration with MyTrainz so owners may not sure in the forums as registered).
I’m also experiencing the same issue as of currently, and I had taken a hiatus from TD2 for a while now. When I got myself reconnected back into my account all of my previous paid content is gone as well as the entire index of available DLC’s. There’s a notice though, stating “No payware content is currently available for purchase” Did I miss something?