The best music players apps for Android users to download now

Most smartphones now come with built-in music players, but these default apps often can not adjust the interface and support advanced music playback. Here are some of the best apps for music enthusiasts on Android smartphones.



BlackPlayer supports all popular music files now and can play both high quality lossless files. Loudness Enhancer also helps you to increase the volume of your music files, which is great for learning foreign languages, but the file still plays even when the volume is turned up. BlackPlayer supports standard music file formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG and Flac (for Android 4.1 and above). Audio equalizer comes with optional bass boost and other attractive features that you will be exploring when using.

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Phonograph is a music player that has a sleek interface and is designed in the style of Material Design by Google. You can change the colors and basic settings so that you can use the style that suits you best. Not too flashy or complicated, the Phonograph simply displays everything perfectly. This music player is compatible with Android 4.1+ devices and is free of charge - and if you're a fan of simplicity, there's probably nothing better than a Phonograph.


Deezer has been featured on Google Play. The free version of the service lets you use the FLOW feature to discover new artists, and create playlists based on your interests.

It also offers song lyrics search, unlimited playlist creation, and composite listings from different single artists. Paid versions bring better sound quality, offline music playback, and Android Auto support if you want.
Pulsar Music Player


This is a beautiful software, a music player designed to allow you to browse music by folder, album, genre or artist. Provided with all the essential features, as well as a number of additional options, including support for music from (a well-known social music network, online radio), automatic download works, integrate music tag editing, a massive theme archive, and a smart playlist mode.

The free version gives you some basic options to use, but just take a small amount of money, you will be able to access equalizer tweaks, multiple extended themes and enhanced modes. bass and reverb.
And you can find more Android apps like this by clicking Download the Best Music Apps for Android - Music Streaming APK

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is slowly gaining in popularity. The impressive feature of this application is to upload up to 50,000 songs to play later. This is the best choice if you want to combine existing music collection with an online service.

The free version allows you to play and listen to many pre-arranged playlists, so that's fine for the average user.

Paid version offers many advantages such as streaming 35 million songs, YouTube Red account, offline music, no ads.


jetAudio is a music player that is very popular with Android users because it has the best features of any music player but still has a simple user interface. It features a 10/20 band equalizer, 32 presets equalizer for a wider music experience and a variety of sound effects, promising a true music experience.

Jango Radio

Jango Radio owns a wide variety of genres from well-known artists and independent artists. Unlike most other services, Jango allows artists to freely pay for you to listen to their work. This helps Jango maintain its financial and operational capabilities, as this is a free service.


Musicmatch offers something different. Also owns a glamorous elegant interface, the application also comes with the Floating Lyrics widget, which syncs the lyrics you are listening to. You can even type lyrics into the widget and it will find the right songs on your device. This is the most unique point that make Musixmatch deserves a list of applications that appear on your phone.


The typical strength of Pandora is its simplicity and multi-platform support. Easily listen to music on any platform you can think of and sync your favorite radio stations. Their music library has increased over the years.
They also offer on-demand music services similar to the Spotify service. Free version works very stable. Paid versions support better audio, no ads


The software supports the features that anyone would need: downloading lyrics, album art, widgets displaying outside the screen, displaying lyrics outside Lock Screen. The software will have ID music identification, even with invalid search tags, as well as allow you to delete tags and album art of the song. Mixzing also has a feature that is Auto-Recommend, self-rate and introduces users to some great songs, as well as auto-save playlist mode and allows you to restore the songs that have been erase.


It's easy to get familiar with GONEMAD because of its convenience and ease of use. It will help you quickly improve the sound quality even if you have never had the experience with this music player, with nearly 250 sound settings available as well as the ability to edit the interface thanks to 1000 essential themes. GONEMAD Music Player is also capable of playing gapless playback (continuous playback of tracks without any interruption, optimised for all audio formats). You can use all features of the app for free within 14 days before making a purchase decision.



TIDAL is an online music service promoted by musicians. The service offers more than 48.5 million songs, works in dozens of countries and is owned by a group of dozens of musicians and artists. Other features include 16-bit CD quality audio ($ 19.99 per month), Android TV support, music playlists, music blogs, and more than 130,000 music videos. Competitors often have the tricks to advertise, but TIDAL will definitely meet the audience who love music.

Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Download APKs - Download games and apps online free


Tuneln is slightly different "in the field of music online. It does not have universal features such as music content on demand. However, it has a variety of stations, podcasts and even online sports (in the premium version).

The service includes AM and FM radios, 600 free trade stations (only in the premium version) and more than 100,000 other stations. If you cannot find a radio station, there is probably no wave. However, this service is only for those who are interested in online sports, podcasts or radio talk and you will experience the other apps in the list above.

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Better, smoother, prettier. With that said it depends upon your PC. This does require a decent PC with a newer generation, i.e. GTX980 and up video card for best performance being with a GTX1080Ti.

2018-08-27 220046.jpg 2018-09-22 003301.jpg 2018-11-14 231957.jpg

Here's a few screenshots from a few driving sessions.
Is the driving experience still the same? Its the one thing that kills Trainz for me!

It would help to know more about what your experience is since driving is a completely difference experience based upon mode (Easy or realistic), motive power (steam, diesel electric), engine spec etc.

Engine spec is probably the biggest variable given that there are thousands of different specs, some that brake or accelerate too fast, some too slow etc.

That said, apart from far smoother graphics performance (by eliminating lots of the pauses caused by various scripted objects), and a better view as you're driving, the physics is pretty much the same.

I would be interested to here what exactly "kills it" for you.
Hi Clinton --

I used to be mainly a route/layout constructor with just some occasional driving to make sure things worked as they should and when making sessions.

But I have to admit that with TRS19 I find driving much more enjoyable and immersive than before and am doing much more of it. Of course and as Tony points out above, it depends on your particular preferences. Mine are model railroad layouts, generally with steam locomotives or vintage diesels. If you are interested I've posted quite a few TRS19 videos on youtbe. Search with "philskene".

The only thing that kills the Trainz driving experience to me, is when someone makes an otherwise great video, but it is filmed from an elevation looking down from 400 ft, and the tracking camera paces the train like a flying drone, or whirlybird heliocoptor' ... or big fat fuzzy R/G switch arrows, and the confounded blinding yellow compass cursor is in view, blinding the screenshot ... Other than that TS19 graphics has me :mop::udrool::mop:
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cascade -- Some of us now have drones so we can follow the locomotive and train. No more speeding ahead, stopping and setting up the camera to take a very brief lineside video as the locomotive flashes by. Then jumping in a vehicle in a desperate attempt to get ahead of the train to repeat the process. Again and again and ... . That's just so 20th Century. We can now take continuous pan and zoom shotz from above and the side.

Agree about the red/green arrows though. And that damn compass.

Sorry. Didn't mean to hijack the thread.

For a "Driving Experience" I must admit preferring to use "A.N.Other 2019 Simulator", but Trainz has always beaten any other 3D Train Modelling Programme hands down for (a) being able to build or tweak layouts using Surveyor, quickly, easily and accurately and (b) issuing commands to "tell"Alistair and his pals what to do with the Trainz on my layouts (not that they always do what they're told, but they are only human!) I should also say that Alistair's image is based on a real character, sadly departed, although whether he was as mischievous as the AI driver is anyone's guess!

Trainz 2019 is the best so far and I am enjoying many a happy hour just tinkering around! In fact, I would say if you want to have "fun", this is the best by a country mile!
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The driving experience could be greatly improved, if...

1. The cabs could be brought up to date, particularly UK stuff. Just came from another forum where it is pointed out the N3V Class 37 still aliases the Deltic cab. Come on. This is basic stuff. There have been decent '37 cabs in MSTS since the ELR pack was released or the freeware North Wales Coast. Railworks had them from the getgo.
2. Implementation of braking systems other than 1950's US air braking. (In particular, vacuum brakes for older UK motive power and stock).
3. Better traction sounds together with options to specify jointed or welded rail on track when building a route.
4. Proper scenario and timetable editor/running, not just free roam - I exclude Interlocking Towers as I can't get my head round the concept. Functionality should be built in, same as all the other sims.

The above list could be added to and yes it has all been suggested before, I know. However Trainz has now reached the point where, with a few caveats, the surroundings and environment can look fairly realistic, maybe it's time to focus on the other factors which make a simulation.
I hardly ever drive in Trainz, only for beta testing.

Experience is ruined by the lack of realism, old cabviews. Incorrect cabviews in loco's Deltic interior in Class 37. :hehe:

Lack of UK braking systems (single pipe vacuum & dual pipe). Lack of realistic prime mover sounds for a number of UK loco's

Most of the UK modernisation dmu's, the sounds are completely wrong.

I do all my driving in TS2019, realistic cabs, sounds, working BR AWS & GWR ATC.

Pitch black tunnels, realistic and changeable track sounds.

Mind Trainz has progressed from CE in 2001. I remember the loco wheels didn't even rotate. :D

Confused, Deltic cab has two front windows, the cab used by the Auran class 37 has three and is named as class37 int, there's actually two of them for some reason and three front windows is not a Deltic cab although its a bit ancient., check the cab preview in the dependencies.

Not that interested in non Steam however, thought I have a look.
As for the OP TRS19 driving question, if we knew what he is comparing to and what he expects, a possible answer could be forthcoming.

So you think you know better, feel free to make one.

Exibit 1 for the prosecution.

I rest my case m'lud :D


I was looking at the dependencies which are definitely 3 windows, this is getting weird, checking the dependants for the Deltic Cab, not one single Class 37 listed

Looking at the dependency for the cab listed as <kuid:-25:1121> cab and previewing it I get this. So how did the Deltic cab get substituted for the actual dependency? Presumably somewhere along the line it got obsoleted by an earlier Deltic Cab.

Yes Malc, there is an interior for the EE Type 3 in CM.

But this one uses the EE Type 5 interior buddy.

I am going for a long lay down, in the dark. :hehe: :hehe:

OK Mike, finally got it, I was looking at the Blue builtin class 37, which has the 37 Interior, not the Green ones which have Ocemy's Deltic cab, not quite as bad as using PB15 cabs for tank engines though...think I need a lie down as well.
Yeah sorry Malc, i should have said S&C EE Type 3's.

My old brain, doesn't function as fast as my fingers type. :eek:

I usually drive from outside in Trainz, as cabview is always such a disheartening experience.