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:)Hello im attempting to fix a sd70ace it says I am missing dependencies <kuid:113556:101010> and<kuid :52779:55015> I cannot find them on the dls and not sure where to go from here, any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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sporbust SD70Ace source

Since this is your first post, I thot I'd give you a few suggestions for future posts that might help you get the results you want.
1. You posted the kuid of the missing dependencies but not what they are. If you look in the locos config.txt file you can find this info.
2. You should include the kuid of the subject asset, the loco in this case.

113556 is sporbust, 52779 is gumbytrain.
If you go to to download a sporbust SD70Ace loco. Included in this download are:
<kuid:113556:101010> acecorona and <kuid :52779:55015> interior
If you can't find the 55016 elsewhere, the 55015 will probably work. Just edit the config.txt file to agree.

Bob Weber
Bob, your link is broken.


n8phu fixed quite a number of sporbust's locos with his permission and uploaded them to the DLS. Punching 'sd70ace' comes up with a number of hits.
Also with Gumbytrain-Dash 9-44cw

enginespec <kuid:52779:50002>
hornsound <kuid:52779:54000>

I can't find these ... I probably will just end up replacing them with another creators enginespec / hornsound
Thank you !

Especially helpful was the note: Many (if not all) contain an item in their KUID tables, KUID 52779:53000, which is not included (and in fact is not used by these assets). You should be able to fix this by removing that KUID from the KUID table.
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