Calendar update

After you modify the environment, the calendar appears to remain at the date that you have set it. I've never thought of this because I usually set my calendars to mid-June or July because I hate how Trainz looks in other seasons.
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You can set the Environment calendar to always show the same date - although it is the month that actually matters not the day. This allows you to set a session or a route to permanently be in the same season of the year but you must also have the correct N-S latitude set in the Environment World Origin.

For example: to set a loaded session in Surveyor so that it will always be summer then set the calendar to a summer month for your hemisphere (e.g Jan for the south or Jun for the north) and make sure that you have the World Origin also set to the correct hemisphere. Change a session setting (e.g. a commodity number) and then save the session only. Exit Train and then load and run the session in Driver. It should be summer.
I cheat - While the shadows on buildings are very good, those on the ground are not sufficiently transparent. So I moved my Trainz to the equator to reduce the size of the black ground shadows.

If you have 10 or 20 minutes choose a set of the "usual "downtown buildings strips" and fiddle the Environment control for the proper shadows (in your opinion). I feel that you will find that setting that meets your expectations. Note: the overall settings of your system's video parameters must also be correct. I set my system display to provide proper skin tones on live TV news shows.
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