Cab height to high


Okay, if this is in the wrong part of the forum sorry. I have a height problem with certain interior when I put a different interior for example, I change an interior of a JR SD70Ace from the DDA40X interior to this interior, this is how high I am set in the cab

And this is the other interior I tried to use, I faced the same thing

If any know how to fix the hight of the interior, I will appreciate it
H Jdriver.

It can probably be fixed but it is quite complicated. First you will have to look at the mesh with PEV's "trainz mesh viewer" to find the attachment name and orientation. By orientation I mean which axis is up and down, usually the Z axis. Once you have found this you can use the "position" tag to reposition the cab. If the Z axis is the vertical axis the entry would be as below.

position 0,0,-0.2 The first value is the x axis the second is the Y axis and the third is the Z axis. You will have to experiment with the vertical axis to find the right value.

Following Bill69's comment, you can use the IMEditor (if the engine is a .im file) to set the Z-axis accordingly.

Have an awesome day!