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Hi everyone,

Upon applying superelevation to a curve in TRS2022 and having all cab sway options turned-on, it can be observed by myself and other users that the cab camera does not tilt with the curve, and instead stays level with the horizon (Images below). This obviously looks very strange and breaks immersion when traversing superelevated curves. Not-only is this camera tilting feature included with all other train simulators, but was actually a feature included with T:ANE.

Is everyone else having the same problem, and if so, is there a fix available or in-progress that anyone is aware of?

Below is a video of proper cab camera tilt with superelevation in T:ANE. (Note there is also a lack of cab sway in general for TRS2022, although I have a feeling this is down to the content creator for the locomotive. Feel free to correct me). There are also two images; one with the locomotive level, and the other on a superelevated curve to show the lack of camera tilt. (5:00m Timestamp)



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This feature was removed a long time ago. It does not depend on the author of the add-on. The bogies of the train also began to tilt along with the train - this should not be. In the first version of TANE, this worked.

bogey do not tilt


Video. Vacillation not working

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Hi Dainty,

Thanks for the reply, and I wasn't aware of the bogie thing. It kinda shocks me how many features in the Trainz series have been removed over the years, or placed in the 'too hard basket'. It would be amazing to see these simple features re-instated into Trainz 2022, but I have a feeling it won't happen...

That Vacillation video was actually kinda hilarious to watch XD
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