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Hello Everyone --

I have a charter bus, but it doesn't have a cab, has anyone ever done a bus Cab that I can use?

Thanks --
I did a drivable version of my 1969 GM Fishbowl bus, but I don't think I released it. What I did for a cab was just use an invisible interior and modify the x, y and z values in the camera list. I also added 'outside-visible-from-cabin 1' to the config of the cab, to make the bus's mesh visible in the interior view.

Andi06 has made two drivable Daimler buses, but their cabs are on the right hand side of the bus, being British.


Edit: I can provide a CDP if you would like, to check it out for yourself, though it has not been tested in anything above TS2010 so there may be some errors that require fixing first.
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Thanks for your post -- :wave:

I am surprise that there's isn't a bus cab considering the amount of buses at the DLS -- Well, no biggie :cool: --

I'll make one for the masses to use! -- Just so many things to do, and so little time! :hehe:

Kind regards