Butler 57/speed issues


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Okay, let's c if I can explain this better. Let's start with the Tiberium vs Aerotrain. The Aerotrain (and all my other trains) I can adjust the speed to the mph. The Tiberium, move the speed dial just a hair, and it will eventually get up to 20-30 mph past where I want it to go. The HST is even worse. Move the speed dial just a just a hair and almost immediately you're doing warp 10. Now, I'm not dissing on ish6. He makes excellent stuff. And so do u. I would imagine my Mars collection is about 80% ish6. That being said, I'm beginning to wonder if this could b a 'puter problem. This isn't the only thing. A lot of times, I'll put a driveable on the track, and...no controls. But if I muck around a bit the controls will appear. I thot this Lenovo was supposed to b IBM n disguise. But, that's another story. Any way, that's what I mean by 'speed problems'. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting a new computer, and I'm going back to HP. Maybe that will solve my problems. Thanks for the interest butler 57.
Ok - I will run some tests to see what happens and get back to you.
My old friend Ish6 will indisposed for sometime and I would not like to concern him at this point.