built-in or base


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I am trying to keep a route (in Tane) all built-in, is there a way of checking / filtering in Surveyor so keep it that way?
The only way I know is to check the route in content manager and then alter the route, a bit laborious.
Sounds like you are trying to something similar in TANE as I have done in TS12. Great thing (assuming you will eventually upload it) for those people without a FCT.

How I did it back then was to set a filter in Surveyer with "built-in = true" and (that is the tricky part else the previous does not work) not download updates of those built-in assets. I even had a 2nd copy of the game installed for that; downloading updates in my "play" install and building in my "develop" install.

You can check in "Manage Content" if you have updates installed of those built-in assets by filtering on built-in assets and check which of those are now flagged obsolete. You could then decide to select all those obsolete, right-click and show asset versions, filter those on installed and delete those.

The only think you need to aware of is that every time you continue building on that route is to first set the filter in surveyor to "built-in = true".

I think you can ignore those "base" assets. They are mainly dependencies (invisible bogies, basic products, stuff like that).