Buggy (?) passenger location at passenger-enabled assets


Hello! I've been developing a set of invisible stations for Trainz and I faced a strange issue, notably some passengers stay way too close to the track, contrary to what I have in my mesh. The problem is that I did everything according to the instructions here: https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/HowTo/Build_Passenger_Enabled_Assets and I intentionally placed all my a.passon attachment points (for awaiting passengers) away from the platform safety zone. Here's how it looks like:


Original size: https://trainzpicture.pl/images/2023/01/05/passengers-location.jpg

As you can see, there are two "suidice" passengers that stay way too close (and one more on the opposite track). I spent some time debugging the issue and eventually came to the conclusion that some awaiting passengers apparently appear in "a.passoff" attachment points which should be used only for passengers departing from the train.

This is how I tested it:

1. I verified the mesh that all a.passon attachment points for awaiting passengers are outside the platform safety zones, and that some a.passoff points for passengers departing from trains are inside the safety zone.
2. I verified my config.txt: "on" queue uses only "a.passon" attachment points, and "off" queue uses only "a.passoff" points.
2. I increased the number of passengers to the maximum - most passengers are OK, but almost always there are two or three suicide passengers that stay too close.
3. I modified my mesh and I moved all a.passoff attachment points to also avoid the safety zone, rebuilt and reinstalled the asset.
4. I increased the number of passengers to the maximum again - this time no suicide passengers.

Is this intentional? For me it looks like a bug. My reasoning: if the article clearly says that attachment points in "on" queue are for awaiting passengers, and all "off" for departing (and recommends rotating the points respectively), Trainz should not attempt to put awaiting passengers in the attachment points from "off" queue. Of course, I can move all my passengers away from the safety zone, but I wanted to achieve the natural visual effect that the people actually depart from the train.

PS. This is TRS22
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